China - the beautiful tea terraces up in the Longsheng Hills

Visiting and Touring in China and Hong Kong.

There is plenty to do and see in China and whilst perhaps many tourists decided to go there on organized trips it really is pretty easy to simply do it all yourself. Things to consider initially are getting visas and then working out how long you need i.e. sort out an itinerary of where you would like to go too and what to see. Perhaps get a couple of guide books (Insight, Rough Guides and Eyewitness are good) and also maybe pick up a couple of organized-trip brochures and see where they go.
Then decide if you want to book everything up in advance i.e. internal flights and chosing and booking hotels - or perhaps stay very flexible and only book your first hotel and do the rest as you go along. Although distances are sometimes considerable (which often means flying) there are various locations in China reachable either by train, hiring a car and driver for drop-offs or even by taking a nice boat trip along a river or two.
There are huge benefits on deciding to take a self-guided tour of China - not least with there being be a huge saving in costs. Equally the flexibility of touring where you want to go and taking your time over it all i.e. no being chivvied along from place to place or having to get up at some ludicrous time of the day to get on a long distance coach!.

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